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Shaun Ferguson

Delicate sounds for your soul

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Shaun Ferguson Channel

Shaun Ferguson Channel

Shaun Ferguson Channel
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All Categories
Foja Ft. Shaun Ferguson - Ensemble (Tutt'e duje)

Foja Ft. Shaun Ferguson - Ensemble (Tutt'e duje)

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Bruce Cockburn - Bohemian 3-Step - Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Duet / Shaun Ferguson & Peter Luha

Bruce Cockburn - Bohemian 3-Step - Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Duet / Shaun Ferguson & Peter Luha

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Shaun Ferguson - Résilience

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“Everyone was captivated: he has seduced, delighted and won the heart of the Montbonnot audience.”
– Le Dauphinais, France, June 2017

“Never would this « magician of strings » have thought his music could have reached so many and traveled so far… When we listen to Shaun Ferguson’s music, we often get the sense that, even without words, we can easily understand the story he’s telling us, or make up our own.”

– Martin Roy, Acadie Nouvelle, Canada, October 2017

“Acadian guitarist Shaun Ferguson? A magician of great virtuosity… This (still) relatively unknown musician makes the audiences soar through his dreamlike universes with grace and ease. A discovery to be made!”

– Albert Weber, Francomag, France, 2012

“With resemblances to Acoustic Alchemy, Mike Oldfield, Andy McKee, Chrisitan Buchmann… Acadian musical phenomenon Shaun Ferguson transports you with his intoxicating guitar rhythms to parallel universes where « escape » and « wide-open space » may only start to visually describe what is intensely felt.” 

– Marc Lalonde, Can-Rock, Radio Metro Halifax, Canada, April 2012

“With his acoustic guitar in hand, Shaun Ferguson shows us that breathing and playing are the same thing to him, and that this favoured instrument of his has the power to offer our minds and ears the world’s most beautiful music.”

– Réal Fradette, Auteur, L’Étoile Newspaper, December 2011


About Shaun Ferguson

Through his modern, free and transcendent instrumental music, guitarist and composer Shaun Fergusson captivates his audience with soaring songs that enchant both music enthusiasts and less-experienced spectators. Born and raised in the Acadian Peninsula, located in northeastern New Brunswick (Canada), he has been navigating and exploring various musical fields for nearly twenty years. His second album, Résilience, was released in December 2017, while his first opus, Ascensions, was released in 2011.

A self-taught musician, Shaun has always relied on his instincts to learn how to play, compose and explore different musical forms, which are harmonized to his musical impressions. Through various artistic collaborations, he was able to transfer his guitar-playing skills to many other string instruments, namely the cello and bass guitar, as well as various percussion instruments. With a true passion for art in all its forms, Shaun loves to involve himself in projects that combine poetry, visual arts, dance and music.

Through Intermède Média, a Montreal-based company, some of the artist’s pieces have travelled the world for the last decade. To this day, audiences have had the chance to hear samples of his compositions in documentaries broadcast all over the world, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Australia, Spain, France, South Korea, Japan, China, the Czech Republic and the United States.



2017 : "Résilience" (Shaun Ferguson)

Cover Ascensions.jpg

2011 : "Ascensions" (Shaun Ferguson)


26/10/2019    Festival 506, Moncton, NB CA
04/11/2019    Oléron, France
21/11/2019    Centre culturel Canadien, Paris France
28/11/2019    Franco de Spa, Spa Belgique
26/03/2020    Théâtre Petit Champlain, Québec QC CA
27/03/2020    Vieux Bureau Poste, Saint-Romuald QC CA
28/03/2020    Maison de la culture, Bellechasse QC CA
02/04/2020    Cabaret salle Montignac, Lac Mégantic QC CA
03/04/2020    Maison de la culture, Waterloo QC CA
04/04/2020    Théâtre Belcourt, Baie-du-Febvre QC CA
09/04/2020    Cabaret Guy-Aubert, Victoriaville QC CA
11/04/2020    Moulin Michel de Gentilly, Bécancour QC CA

Past Shows

18/06/2018    Festival Faites de la Chanson, Arras FR
22/06/2018    Théâtre de verdure, Belvèzet FR
23/06/2018    Festival Pig'Halle, St Antoine de l'Abbaye FR
28/06/2018    Festival Uriage en Voix, Uriage FR
29/06/2018    Atrium, Fontanil Cornillon FR
30/06/2018    Caval'Arte FR
07/07/2018    Festival Pause Guitare, Albi FR
07/07/2018    Café Plume Albi FR
13/08/2018    Festival Acadien, Caraquet N.-B. CA
28/09/2018    Le W:Halll, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Bruxelles
10/10/2018    Vitrine ROSEQ Rimouski QC CA
25/10/2018    Festival 506 , Caraquet N.-B. CA
27/10/2018    La Bibitte, Bathurst N.-B. CA
09/11/2018    SACEF, Places des Arts, Montreal, CA
10/11/2018    La Cle, Penetanguishene Ontario, CA
15/11/2018    Pub la Contrée, St-Damien Québec, CA
17/11/2018    Église St-James, Trois-Rivière Québec, CA
11/01/2019    Loyal Tides, Saint-Stephen N.-B., CA
13/01/2019    Shepody, Dorchester Crossing N.-B., CA
14/02/2019    Secret Love Show Naples,Italie
15/02/2019    MusicConnect Paris, FR
15/03/2019    Académie Ste-Famille, Tracadie N.-B. CA
09/04/2019    École Léa Blain, Chatte, FR
11/04/2019    Salle Alexandre Colno, Chatte, FR
12/04/2019    Festival 48 Images seconde, Florac, FR
13/04/2019    Caval'arte, Tain-l'Hermitage, FR
14/04/2019    Eglise Abbatiale , St-Antoine-l'Abbaye, FR
18/04/2019    Printemps de Bourges, Bourges, FR
26/04/2019    The Mack, Charlottetown, PEI, CA
27/04/2019    Studio 65, Madran, NB CA
03/05/2019    ECMA Charlottetown, PEI, CA
11/05/2019    Monument-Lefebvre, Memramcook, NB CA
28/07/2019    Voir Miscou et mourir, Miscou NB CA
06/08/2019    Place de la Francophonie, Gatineau, QC CA
Festival Traditions du monde, Sherbrooke QC CA
08/08/2019    Festival Rythmes du monde, Chicoutimi QC CA
10/08/2019    Festival du bout du monde, Gaspé QC CA
11/08/2019    Festival Acadien, Caraquet NB CA
16/08/2019    Festival Bonefire, St-Stephen NB CA
17/08/2019    Rising Tide Festival, Fundy NB CA
22/08/2019    Tonder Festival, Vestergade, Danmark
23/08/2019    Folk in a Box, Vestergade, Danmark
24/08/2019    Tonder Festival, Vestergade, Danmark

26/08/2019    Tonder Festival, Vestergade, Danmark
29/08/2019    Nights in Old Ljubljana, Slovenia
30/08/2019    Vidor Fesztivál, Nyíregyháza, Hongria
31/08/2019    Lodenica Festival, Piešťany, Slovaquia
03/09/2019    Evanjelický kostol, Bratislava Slovaquia
04/09/2019    Siedma Struna, Bratislava Slovaquia
07/09/2019    Festa di Piazza, Taurasi Italia
11/09/2019    Tittoni Park,  Desio Italia
12/09/2019    Turin, Italia
07/10/2019    ACS NB Luncheon St John's Nfld CA
11/10/2019    Ste Anne des Monts, QC CA
12/10/2019    New-Richmond, QC CA

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