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Samba Sarr

Samba Souleye Sarr is an artist-songwriter born in 1964 in Podor in northern Senegal on both banks of the Senegal River. Samba lived a childhood in the heart of a city with extraordinary cultural diversity, between the songs of the Thioubalo fishermen; the Yéla songs of the griots, the lélé; the Goumbala Podor his hometown was a cultural crossroads for the peoples of West Africa.


To his young Samba Souleye, sang in family ceremonies and school evenings; he quickly became familiar with the guitar and began to compose his own pieces. Very well known in Podor and in the department of Podor; Samba to his credit has more than fifteen traditional Afro titles but still has no album on the market. In 2016; as part of a cultural cooperation between the city of Podor and Senegal in France; he made his first international outing.


His trip to Europe allowed him to better establish the foundations of music and above all to better structure himself in the sector. Samba from a repertoire rich in sound from the music of the Sahel, he takes his Fulani voice beyond borders and forms a duo with double servo on their show project AFRO FOULANI (mixture of slam and Fulani music)

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