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All about World Music !

"Transportation" is the key word to describe the dynamic of Diasporas Music.

Transportation of artists, of arts, of good practices... We build different projects with the same aim : increase artists mobility & artists collaboration from all over the world. Music is a common language, with no borders; so we use it to build strong bridges between several territories, cultures & generations. 


This adventure started in French Guiana, in 1992 with a label and a world music festival, inside the old stones of a former penitentiary : "Camp de la Transportation", based at the border with Surinam. Then in 2010, the founder moved in Montreal (Canada), to build another music agency with another local team. In 2012, both Canadian & French Guianese agencies decided to gather their forces, networks, objectives, under a single organisation : "TransAmazoniennes".


In 2018, the agency moved in Acadia, New Brunswick (Canada), following the roads of the Diasporas and the creolization of cultures. The agency became "DIASPORAS MUSIC".

All together, we represent Canada worldwide and we promote an intercultural musical process.

Diasporas' Artists

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